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NOUMENA ecosystem - 

software for the digital age

In a digital world, the way we model, execute and store business interactions must change fundamentally


Only with Formal Business Protocols the digitalization potential can be unleashed

The activities of a company are driven by business protocols between external or internal business parties such as regulations, contracts or internal standard operating procedures.

Such business protocols define events and actions, under which all economic actions between or within companies are performed, as either permitted, obligatory or prohibited - the protocols are the business!

NOUMENA's formal business protocols not only automate collaborative multi-party business  processing directly but also provide the comprehensive data about the historic, current and future business states and events to automate reporting, analyses and decision making for all individual ecosystem parties.


NOUMENA's vision

The whole end-to-end software development and service management life-cycle will be driven by the rapid and secure formalization of business protocols to instantly deploy solutions updates whenever regulations, contracts or internal procedures change


NOUMENA delivers new kind of flexible product based ecosystem solutions that are radically driven by formal business protocols

NOUMENA's product 

NOUMENAs product includes a platform, protocol specific language, standardized business protocol libraries and application services as well as development and service management tools.

NOUMENA's solutions

NOUMENA and its service partners deliver product based end-to-end software solutions enabling enterprises and ecosystems to have a true edge in the digital age. 


Stylized example: Energy ecosystem 

NOUMENA delivers scalable solutions for collaborating energy, real estate and automotive companies. All internal and external collaborating roles interact via business protocols respectively their protocol driven applications.


NOUMENA's product based solutions provide unique benefits by design

A selection of the benefits provided by NOUMENA  is listed below. Contact us to explore the digitalization potential blockchain and DLT can provide for you. 


At NOUMENA we strive to team up with the best - managers, technologists and partners from both, business and science

Management Team

Sönke Björn Vetsch

Business Development
& Partners


Dr. Vincent Peikert

Technology & Product




Dr. Sandra Daub

Sales & Projects


Martin Scherer

Operations & Finance



Our Business partners

Our Science partners


Do you want to be part of NOUMENA Digital’s blockchain adventure in either Baar (Switzerland) or Hamburg (Germany)? 


At NOUMENA you will work alongside with experienced and talented technologists and managers that are passionate on their jobs.


Currently we focus on following profiles:

Software Engineers

Product Architects

Lead Frontend Engineer



Oberdorfstrasse 9 - CH-6340 Baar - Switzerland

Team Hamburg

Theresienstieg 11 - 22085 Hamburg - Germany