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Upsides in the whole System Life Cycle 




Protocol Driven Demo Development

Protocol Driven Demo Development 

  • No user stories needed.

  • The Story is defined by selected regulations, contracts, and standard operating procedures

  • Applications in the box: use of generic application services and UIs

  • Rapid protocol development with NOUMENA development kit and use of existing NOUMENA product components.

​Protocol Driven Requirement Design

  • NOUMENA’s protocol specific languages and development tools provide the framework to rapidly and securely model regulations, contracts, and standard operating procedures typically representing over 90% of the business logic.

  • The requirements are the system. Requirements are gathered and directly implemented by business analysts.

  • Additional, individual business logic of stakeholders in the application service layers becomes typically small and are driven by the underlying interaction protocol logic.

  • Radically different approach to classical user story requirement design: workshops with business stakeholders are used for concrete feedback to refine the protocols.

  • Process redesigning: Formalization of interaction protocols often leads to a rethinking of existing processes and a consequential consistency improvements, complexity reductions and efficiency increases.

​Protocol Driven Architecture

  • Massive complexity reduction because of a clear guiding protocol driven layered architecture. Application Services, connectors, and APIs become small and protocol driven. Platform in the box.

  • Clear separation between business logic: No architecture for the business logic and business data models needed. Business logic and business data models is a given from the requirement gathering phase coming from the business analysts.

  • No design for persistency, access or communication needed: platform in the box.

  • Use of existing application services, connectors and APIs.

  • Modular protocol libraries drive a scalable micro-service architecture for application services.

  • Protocols drive API design to integrate into existing infrastructure.

Agile Solution Development

Feedback User Stories and Protocol documentation

  • Protocol driven agile development with short term feedback-loop on the level of business analysts and stake holders. Application services, UIs and connectors adapt directly and the solution can be deployed daily.

  • Rapid protocol development with NOUMENA development kit.

  • Use of existing NOUMENA product components (protocol libraries and application services).

  • Platform in the box.

  • Protocol driven deployment tools

  • Growing networks of certified development partners.

Protocol Driven Service Management

  • System is designed for updates and changes for instant synchronization of business and IT: Automated Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • Continuous updates of NOUMENA product components

  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of use supported by tools leveraging current and historic application and protocol usage data

  • Secure and stable operations based on stable protocol driven platform  
    Growing network of certified Service Management partners

Protocol Driven Solution Development

Protocol Driven Service Management

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