The NOUMENA product is designed to facilitate next generation collaborative ecosystem software in the digital age 

In particular, it is able to precisely model multi-party business logic (protocols), securely share synchronized state information, rapidly develop user applications and integrate external systems.

The NOUMENA platform envisages all collaborating entities (e.g. companies, departments, persons or even machines) as participants in a synergistic ecosystem. If desired, each entity can run its own engine and form a node to build a fully distributed system. Additionally, each engine allows multiple participants to use the same node to build a virtualized distributed system.

The NOUMENA platform is split into four layers

UIs - IoT - APIs

NOUMENAs Frontends

  • Protocol driven UIs and standardized or customised connectors and REST APIs

Application Services

NOUMENAs Automation Layer

  • Domain Specific applications

  • Standardized and customized apps

  • Protocol driven microservice design

NPL Protocol Libraries

NOUMENAs Business Logic Layer

  • General and industry-specific standardized and customized protocol templates


NOUMENAs Infrastructure Layer

  • Protocol Specific Language Engine

  • Protocol and event storage

  • Engine-to-engine communication

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